Workshop 2

Mini Application Challenge
Dr. Sara Alameddine
Specialist of Pharmacy Informatics Faculty of Pharmacy – Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA

The use of games or game like functionality to actually improve outcomes, affect health behaviors and improve the efficacy of patient and health professional education has recently become quite a hot topic. Smart pills and wearables linked to mobile applications for diagnostic, monitoring and other purposes are already widely spread. Mobile health (mHealth) power has been proven considering the widespread of smartphones and the huge numbers of health related apps in the mobile marketplace across multiple platforms. At this point, it is foreseeable that these and the ones we mentioned earlier will eventually merge and become more complex offering users a much wider variety of health related data.


After attending this workshop you should be able to

1.Explore current mobile health applications marketplace
2.Evaluate the features and functionalities offered by those applications from user’s perspectives.
3.Identify potential gap based on user’s needs for specific features/functionalities.
4.Suggest and partially design an application that would provide a solution and fill the current identified gap

Registration fees:  Academic : 20 JD Student : 15 JD

Places on this workshop are limited, so contact us soon to reserve your place