Our International Keynote Speakers are ambassadors from the Universities with which a MOU has been established 

University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Dr.Betty Chaar, Senior Lecturer, Specialist of Health Law


Dr.Betty Chaar works on promoting moral reasoning in the delivery of healthcare services by pharmacists in all aspects of practice, ranging from the everyday matters of pharmacy practice to considerations regarding issues in the broader domain of bioethics. Betty is Chair of Family Planning NSW Health Human Research  Committee,  an active member on a number of Human, Research Ethics committees, past President of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics [AAPAE], member of the Australian Pharmacy Council [APC] Examining Committee, co-chair of the Working Group on Pharmacist Ethics and Professional Autonomy of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), has recently become a member of the Program Committee of FIP, and member of the Executive Committee of the Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section of FIP.

Because it is essential to hear about moral reasoning capabilities and new code of ethics about health care in a world of conflicts and war.

Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA

Dr Sarah Alameddine, Assistant professor, Specialist of Pharmacy Informatics
Director - Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research (CCHIR)

Dr. Sarah Alameddine is a Clinical Assistant Professor within the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy. Dr. Alameddine is also leading the Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research (CCHIR), a WHO designated research center. Her research evolves mainly around Pharmacy informatics. Whether it is the clinical or operational side of it, her focus is to leverage the use of technology to optimize patient care and improve overall healthcare practice. Dr. Alameddine's main research topics focus on improving medication adherence and reducing preventable medication errors.

 Because nothing is more trendy than technology. Research leveraging Health IT is continuously booming. An exciting area for young researchers.

Al-Quds University, Al-Quds, Palestine
Professor Yousef Najajreh, specialist of Medicinal Chemistry and anticancer drug research
Dean of pharmacy, Al-Quds University

Dr. Yousef Salem Najajreh an associate professor in medicinal chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Quds University, Palestine. He graduated in 1999 from Hebrew University with PhD in medicinal chemistry. In 2004 he started his distinguished journey as an academic and researcher at Al-Quds University, during which several researches were conducted in the following areas:

• Rational Development of Allosteric Inhibitors of BCR-Abl Dependent Cells; Novel Strategy for Treatment of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML)
• Developing of Platinum Prodrugs
• Platinogenomics and Target Identification of Platinum-Based Anticancer Drugs
• Structural Elucidation of Cytotoxic Natural Secondary Metabolites
• Anti-obesity and Cognitive Function Modulators

Dr. Najajreh is currently the head of the Anticancer Drugs Research Lab. Also he is a member of several journals’ editorial boards. He has more than 30 publications published in an international journal, and four registered patents.

Because to hear about Medicinal Chemistry and the latest in cancer research from the Dean of Pharmacy at Al-Quds University is truly unique. An opportunity to share research ideas and results.


University of Camerino, Camerino, Italy
Professor Giovanni Filippo Palmieri, specialist of Pharmaceutical Technology
Lecturer and researcher at Camerino university.


Prof. Palmieri graduated in Industrial Pharmacy with full marks the 19/10/1989 at the University of Camerino. In October 1990, he began to approach technological problematics of research, such as the use of cyclodextrins, during his post-graduated stage inside the department of Chemical Sciences of Camerino University.
From June 1991 to December 1993 he was visiting scientist in the laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology of Prof. André Stamm in Strasbourg.
In the meanwhile he became researcher of Pharmaceutical Technology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Camerino.

During his permanency in Strasbourg Prof. Palmieri carried out studies concerning:
• Preparation and characterisation of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
• Use of spray-drying in the preparation of microspheres and microcapsules for the formulation of oral controlled release dosage forms
• Pellets preparation by high-share mixer optimising the process by the Taguchi statistics
• Film coating of pellets in fluid bed in order to obtain oral controlled release dosage forms.

Prof Palmieri started again his research activity at the Departent of Chemical Sciences of the University of Camerino in date 01/01/1994
He became Associated Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology in 2002.
Research activity in Camerino University:
• Methods for improving water solubility of poorly water soluble drugs such as cyclodextrin inclusion complexes and solid dispersions
• Preparation of microspheres and microcapsules
• Formulation of controlled release dosage forms for oral administration
• Compactability and densification characteristics of pharmaceutical materials during tablets preparation
• Mucoadhesive characteristics of solid and semisolid dosage forms
• Rheological characteristics of liquid and semisolid systems
• Rheological characteristics of solid materials for pharmaceutical use
• Study of the self-assembling and thermogelling mechanism of known block copolymers and their eventual use for the controlled delivery of proteins.

 Because it is fascinating to hear about the latest in powder densification characteristics as Process Analytical Technology tool in tablets production. 

Dr Samira Goussous, Manager - Arab Drug Store 
Samira  Goussous registered pharmacist with strong commitment to Pharmacy Profession, strong believer and activist to the vital  pharmacist  role  as a health care provider focusing on patient not  product. 

 Dr.Samira has extensive experience in both wholesale and retail business which provide her with unique insights into the Jordanian and regional pharma value chain emphasizing on regulatory affairs, pricing, market planning ,supply chain management , business development & tendering.
Currently she heads a leading and well established Wholesalers in Jordan representing a portfolio of multinational pharmaceutical companies.She also owns and supervises a community pharmacy.
This broad range of activities rendered Samira a sought after expert among various local, regional and global industry associations.
- Elected member / JFDA Higher Committee responsible on issuing all guidelines pertaining to medicine entry into Jordan.
- Elected twice / Board member to Pharmacists Association (JPA).
- Elected member to International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
- Headed the Board of Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) as being recommended by the WHO and the FIP for the community pharmacy practice
- Represented JPA to FIP Council meetings several times.

Because it is imperative to learn about good Pharmacy Practice and to her about the future of the pharmacy profession in jordan with regard to threats and challenges.